New Spa range

Are Muslin Squares just for babies – it would seem not!


We now have a number of very respected Spas and treatment studios using the MuslinZ 70cms Pure Cotton white muslin squares instead of traditional towels.  Less bulky, lighter on the face and wonderfully soft, wet or dry. Also very easy to wash and dry quickly.
Along with cosmetic brands now offering a small muslin cloth for use with their products.

Therefore we have launched two new products.


A 30cms Muslin Cloth – perfect for using at home with all your treatments, removing make up and face cleansing.


A Wash Cloth – with 2 layers of muslin and sized for face cleaning, in the shower or bath. With a handy loop to hang up.

Of course there is also no reason why the MuslinZ bamboo/cotton terry range cannot also be used for lots of purposes.

The 20cms wipe is perfect for make up removal and as a general wipe – so much better than disposables for your skin and the planet.

Then we have the 50cms and 60cms Terry Squares that are great for use in nail studios, spas and in the gym!